Derived from the term “medical tourism”, “reproductive tourism” arises from the need of couples with infertility problems who have the desire to have a child and move to destinations that give them the possibility of finding a solution.

The World Health Organization (WHO) stipulates that 50 million couples in the world do not have the possibility of having children in a natural way, that is, they suffer from some type of infertility. Each country has different laws and regulations and some, such as surrogacy pregnancy or gametes donation, are not legal in the place of origin of many patients. This is how the Reproductive Tourism is born, linked to the movement of people in search of assisted reproduction treatments that give them a solution to their fertility problems. The process begins when married or single people seek an option somewhere in the world where legislation allows assisted human reproduction. Global Surrogacy Ltd. will advise you to find the most appropriate procedure applying to transfer protocoles of clients, donors, surrogates and health professionals regulated and approved by the World Medical Tourism Association.


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