Know the 3 stages of the Surrogacy Process.


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The Gestation

The gestation of the baby includes the period from when the pregnant woman undergoes the embryo transfer, until the baby is ready to be born.

The birth

Giving birth to the baby is the most anticipated stage of the entire process. We assist the parents and the surrogate mother during the delivery, and then we accompany all the members during the postpartum period.

1. Search Information

Internet, referrals, directories, press, clinics, etc.

2. Select Agency

Signing of the agreement for management services and administration of the process.

3. Designation of Legal Cabinet

Lawyer and notary who will write the relevant contracts.

4. Interviews with Psychologists

They must certify that the intended parents are capable to face the process.

5. Derivation to Clinic

Patient registration and signing of contracts.

6. Selection of Carrier

Mutual selection process between the surrogate mother and the intended parents.

7. Donor Election

Definition of phenotype and signature of the gamete donation contract.

8. Clinical Process

Invitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer and psychological support.

9. Pregnancy

Clinical, legal and psychological accompaniment during pregnancy.
Stage 3: THE BIRTH

10. Birth

Legal procedures with hospital and baby registration to obtain a birth certificate.


  • Refer patients to fertility clinics in different countries of the world where surrogacy agreements are legally regulated and audited.
  • Refer clients to lawyers with experience in judicial documents, drafting and review of agreements between contracting parents, surrogates and clinics.
  • Locate and pre-select surrogate mother candidates for possible pairing with prospective parents. Locate and evaluate possible egg donors and / or semen donors.
  • Present to the future parents different candidates for surrogate mothers (if the future parents have contributed theirs, we will do all the rest of our services with a reduced agency commission).
  • Coordinate and organize for the ordering parents and the surrogate mother psychological attention by a collaborating professional.
  • Ensure that the selected surrogate is medically examined at the assisted reproduction clinic selected by the prospective parents.
  • Ensure that the selected surrogate mother receives advice on the IVF process and its risks in the clinic that was selected by the prospective parents.
  • Upon completion of medical examinations, facilitate the signing of contractual agreements between the prospective parents and the surrogate mother and between the prospective parents and the clinic.



  • Organize and coordinate the trips of the surrogate mother and the clinical services necessary to carry out the transfer of embryos to the surrogate, in any of our international destinations.
  • Coordinate with a travel agent airline reservations and hotel accommodation for the surrogate mother and future parents, upon request.
  • Act as a liaison between the surrogate mother, the prospective parents and the fertility clinic to ensure that all medical expenses are correctly provided, and that all recommendations are met.
  • Supervise all the procedures and legal procedures necessary to establish the parental rights of the future parents.
  • Control all expenses incurred by the surrogate mother under the surrogacy agreement according to the instructions of the prospective parents.
  • Attend medical appointments with the surrogate mother, upon request.
  • Attend the embryo transfer, upon request.
  • Coordinate counseling and psychological advice for the surrogate mother, upon request.

Stage 3: THE BIRTH

  • Attend the birth, on request.
  • Ensure communication with the prospective parents and the surrogate mother during the entire process.
  • Provide instructions to make all necessary payments and track disbursements.
  • Ensure that all DNA tests related to the paternity and / or maternity of the baby are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the surrogacy agreements, if requested by the prospective parents.
  • Supervise the execution of legal procedures and delivery of said documentation to the hospital or maternity center in advance.
  • Coordinate with the hospital staff to ensure the correct issuance of the birth certificate. Coordinate and pay the bills of the surrogate mother with the hospital from the funds of the trust account.

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