What is gestation by substitution for homosexual couples?

It is an Assisted Reproduction Therapy with Donors that allows a homoparental couple to create a family and have offspring.

What are the steps to carry out a gestation by substitution?

To know the procedure, we invite you to visit our section where we describe the stages of a complete process of gestation by substitution.

Where can I carry out a gestation process by substitution for homosexuals?

In GLOBAL SURROGACY we develop surrogate pregnancy processes in destinations where there is regulation and others where the absence of regulation does not prevent the realization of these programs, such as:

a) Countries that have recognized the right of homoparental couples to carry out the surrogacy process in their country, for example, the United States and Canada .

b) Countries where processes of Assisted Reproduction Therapies with Donors are carried out legally and which do not prevent embryo transfer to third parties, for example Cyprus and the Czech Republic .


The legal issues of surrogacy are under the jurisdiction of each state and the legal situation varies greatly from one state to another. The states that are permissive with subrogation and where contracts are considered legal are:  California, Illinois, Arkansas, Maryland and Utah, among others . For legal purposes, what matters is where the contracts are drawn up and signed, where the pregnant woman resides and where the birth takes place. All family models can be accessed, without the need for genetic load with the embryo to be implanted.

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Surrogate pregnancy is allowed in all its territory, except in the province of Quebec, as long as the surrogate mother offers herself  altruistically , that is, she is not allowed to profit by offering her service. You can only receive financial compensation that rewards the time and expenses required to resolve the pregnancy. All family models can be accessed  , both men and women without a partner, homosexual and heterosexual couples and it is not necessary to have a genetic connection with the embryo to be implanted, which makes it an ideal destination for all infertile people.

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The country neither legalizes, nor regulates, nor prohibits couples to apply and perform surrogate pregnancy treatments. Based on these principles, Global Surrogacy Ltd. has developed, with the collaboration of local clinics and jurists, a secure Assisted Reproduction protocol with donors in the Czech Republic combined with a Gestant Replacement Pregnancy contract with Ukrainian, in order to offer another alternative viable and safe within the framework of “Cross Border Surrogacy”. All family models can be accessed, being the most popular and accessible European destination for homo-parental couples.

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The most economical European destination to apply to assisted reproduction therapies, where gamete donation and  sex selection are fully regulated  , which makes this country an ideal destination for couples who prefer a specific sex for their first child. It is a treatment not available in all countries or regulated in a way that is not always adapted to the needs of patients. The economic price and legislation on assisted reproduction make Cyprus an ideal destination for all family models.

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