The option of a Third Party Reproduction program combined with a Surrogacy Contract  is a decision that is usually made after much reflection and consideration, when making the dream of becoming a parent a reality. For many families, this is their last hope to have a child and the last alternative to secure their offspring. Questioning certain questions about where or how to locate a surrogate mother and how to continue with this process can seem daunting. But it is truly a viable option offered to  infertile people or with problems of conception and it can be a wonderful experience for all those involved, with the impartial management and control of a governing body as  our company.

Global Surrogacy Ltd. offers the essential advice to help you with the initial process in your search for a surrogate mother  in a country where it is duly regulated  and audited by the medical societies  which we collaborate, in order to provide you with clinical and legal security. We will provide you with the copies of the Surrogacy  Contract  and duly translated so that you can study the proposal of each country.

For this, it is essential to have neutral and objective advice with proven experience in surrogacy processes. Our company offers advice on Reproductive Medicine in countries where this practice is not only regulated, but also admissible for foreign citizens. Not all countries where surrogacy is legal, admits that foreigners can be treated there. (India, Greece, Israel, South Africa, England, Belgium, Holland, Thailand, Mexico). Hiring a service with these characteristics is an arduous, complex and expensive task. Not only in time, given the amount of information required to know, but also by the communication barriers, since in some cases it is operated with foreign language countries. Ukraine, Georgia, USA and Canada,  are destinations contrasted and reccommended by our organization, when Reproductive Medicine combined with Surrogacy  contracts are necessary to create a family.

If you come to us, it is to obtain guarantees, and to be sure that the legislation is complied with . That is why, as of today, we are forced to discourage other destinations than those we have already audited. Global Surrogacy Ltd. will be the agent and representative of your interests. We will be your trusted consultant at all times. We will analyze with you  each one of all the possible alternatives in the current scenario, regulated and audited.Global Surrogacy Ltd. can mediate on difficult issues that may arise during the course of the existing contractual relationship between the prospective parents and the clinic / agency offering the surrogacy  services in the destination country. The good management of our facilitators (Case Managers) can help all those involved to maintain open lines of communication, solvent and fluid to help them make a decision that  is acceptable to all interested parties . Having the support of our company is a very positive option, with many benefits and extends the guarantees of success in a process of this nature. Surrogate pregnancy is a wonderful option and should be  a joyful and happy experience for the family and surrogate mother, being treated with due care, but with the right equipment too. We guarantee that with the management of Global Surrogacy Ltd. you will be able to do it.

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The situations that justify the use of a surrogate mother are:

  • Women born without a uterus (Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome).

  • Women who no longer produce ovules (ovarian failure / polycystic ovaries, maternal age, ovarian cancer, etc).

  • Women who have had their uterus removed (due to fibroids, cancer or accidents).

  • Women who have had various failures in IVF procedures.

  • Women who have been diagnosed with a uterine abnormality (DES exposure, congenital anomalies, Asherman syndrome, fibroids, insufficient endometrial polyps coatings …)

  • Women suffering from high blood pressure (hypertension / preclampsia / eclampsia).

  • Women who suffer from diabetes.

  • Women who have had recurrent miscarriages, stillbirths and/or premature births.

  • Women who are taking strong medications that are dangerous to take during pregnancy.

  • Women who suffer from disorders of the immune system.

  • Women who suffered with severe morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum) with a previous pregnancy.

  • Women who have suffered any type of complication that endangers their life or the life of their unborn child.



Surrogacy is associated with very complicated legal processes. Therefore, legal obstacles are also worthy of exhaustive attention. Many agreements will be required before, during and after. For example, the adoption process must be completed so that the child is finally the legal child of the prospective parents.
Because a third party is involved in the pregnancy and the birth of the child, the couple faces a unique challenge – it is no longer two people who make the decisions, but three. While clear agreements must be reached in advance, there are still issues that the couple does not have completely under control and they will have to talk to the carrier should they arise. For example, the couple and the surrogate mother may have opposing opinions about the course of pregnancy and childbirth. The surrogate mother and the couple could have different conceptions regarding the genetic exams, nutrition and medication during pregnancy.
When choosing a surrogate mother, worries often also increase. The couple is not only worried about having a healthy baby, but also experiences the additional pressure of having to worry about legal problems or that the surrogate mother changes her mind, something totally unlikely with the laws, as long as she has signed a Contract of Surrogate pregnancy with the intervention of our company.


Surrogacy goes hand in hand with many psychological considerations, both for the future parents and for the surrogate mother. There is always the risk, for example, that the surrogate mother is so emotionally linked to the child she is carrying, that she does not want to give him up, even when he is not genetically connected. In an attempt to avoid this situation, surrogate women are subject to a number of psychological evaluations before they are accepted as such. The person must be prepared to act as a substitute completely by their own will and without any moral pressure. In addition to this, pregnancy and childbirth can lead to both direct health risks and consequences for the fertility of the surrogate mother. Therefore, it is convenient that the surrogate mother has had one or more children of her own.

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