Surrogacy in Spain  is not legally permitted but fortunately we have alternatives that allow intended parents to fulfill their dream of forming a family.

Since the activity in Spain is not regulated, it is not possible to obtain a legal license for agencies to provide the service in the country, that is why we have generated an agreement with AGAR Asociación. They are the first Barcelona association that helps all types of people to look for the best possibility of carrying out each case abroad, recommending clinics and / or operators with guarantees.

From Global Subrrogacy Limited we have developed several protocols following the recommendations of the main medical societies specialized in fertility treatments, such as ESRHE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), ASRM (American Society for Reproductive Medicine), among others.

Currently we offer the possibility to start your treatment at your local clinic, without having the need to travel abroad. We have an International Embryo Transfer service that takes care of transporting your genetic material to your destination so that you can continue your assisted reproduction treatment with donors abroad.

There are different countries, where surrogacy  is regulated and is legal. Depending on your family situation, we will recommend different destinations such as United States , Canada or Ukraine.

Surrogacy, a legal vacuum to the Spanish system

Mr. Carlos Leiva Signes has been invited by the Catalan TV program “8th day” to discuss Surrogacy pregnancy and its possible regulation in Spain.

Surrogacy is already part of our reality. This is demonstrated by the data, which indicate that Spanish children born by surrogacy abroad, already outnumber adopted children. Carlos Leiva was the first Spaniard to undergo a surrogacy process in Canada, a country where this process of assisted reproduction can be carried out. Yes, altruistically.
Pilar Rahola, who a few years ago was not in favor, said today: “Who am I to decide in what way other people should be parents?” She has acknowledged that her argument has changed based on knowing cases and listening to her experiences.

We share the exclusive interview with the CEO of Global Surrogacy, Carlos Leiva:

Reference Clinics

Amnios In Vitro Project

Assisted Reproduction Clinic located in the center of Madrid.

Instituto Marques

International Reference in Gynecology, Obstetrics and Assisted Reproduction.


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