In November 2013, in collaboration with assisted reproduction clinics from Canada, USA, Mexico, Argentina, Spain, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Thailand, Malaysia and TurkeyGlobal Surrogacy Ltd was registered as an International Third Party Reproduction Company.

In 2018 and with more than 250 new families created from European and Asian destinations, the company moves headquarters to United States in order to begin offering the already consolidated destinations to American patients. For this purpose, Global Surrogacy Ltd. has joined forces with the American company MAHRTA (Medically Assisted Human Reproduction Technologies) based in Delaware, in order to comply with the legal requirements to operate from American territory.

We are not a clinic, but an  independent Assisted Reproduction Agency  that operates in several destinations around the world, with the direction and supervision of local facilitators who are responsible for guiding the future parents in their search of clinics and health operators in different destinations.

We freely select medical centers, clinics, lawyers and related professionals (as partners), in order to provide the best medical service, at the best price, without reducing quality.

We offer advice to patients from all over the world who need Reproductive Medicine combined with Surrogacy contracts abroad.

Our mission is to help couples and individuals who, after unsuccessful fertility treatment, need another alternative to help them conceive their child.

We have a large team of professionals, thanks to which we have managed to establish important agreements with organizations and groups that are sensitive to this project.

We provide authoritative information on the methodology and practices carried out in each country to perform this type of treatment.

In our history, we have directed our efforts to make ourselves known in the specialized medical community of which we are an integral part, such as the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology and the Medical Tourism Association.

Corporate Dossier

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  1. Inform patients of the different techniques and available treatments,  in relation to assisted reproduction methods practiced throughout the world, including only the techniques and methodologies that can be developed in a controlled and legalized manner in each country of destination.
  2. Advise the patient in order to be able to conclude which of the techniques and solutions proposed is the most convenient for his case, giving accurate and contrasted information about the most appropriate medical centers to perform the treatment and contracting of services in the countries of destination.
  3. Give psychological, emotional and legal support to our patients during all these processes, from their beginning, development and course, to the final result, provided that the treatments or services contracted with third parties, are developed in the centers recommended by Global Surrogacy Ltd.- This coverage can be extended in all countries where the agency has representation and / or collaboration agreement with professionals within the clinical and legal spheres.

Case Manager

Carlos Alberto Leiva Signes

CEO – Healthcare Administrator – Consulting 
Reproductive Medicine with Donors – Assisted Reproduction Technologies

After becoming a father thanks to a process of Gestational Surrogacy  started in Canada in year 2004, Carlos has helped many families realize their dream of having children, completing his studies as Paramedic in Assisted Reproduction with the support of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine ( www.asrm.org ) and the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (www.eshre.eu).

Since 2012 he belongs to the Association of Reproductive Managers, (www.asrm.org/ARM) which is a group of reproductive professionals committed to promoting art and science in the practice of infertility through leadership, research and education. In this regard, it should be noted that our Case Manager assiduously attends international congresses and seminars of the appointed Medical Societies to keep abreast of the critical issues of the management of assisted reproduction processes, including the planning of reproductive solutions, identification and correction of deficiencies.

In Spain, Carlos is a founding member and first president of the Asociación AGAR,  ( www.agar-asociacion.org ) and is also a member of the Spanish Fertility Society ( www.sefertilidad.net ), consultation bodies of our company to ensure the clinical and legal viability of the protocols offered by Global Surrogacy Ltd.

During the year 2016 Carlos has obtained the Certificate of the World Medical Tourism Association that accredits him as a qualified professional for the preparation of new transfer protocols that offer reproductive solutions that go from standardization to the individualization of the International Surrogacy, given that it implies the transboundary displacement of pregnant women, donors and parents of intention, with the consequent permits and regulations of the different destinations-

He will be with you to help you cope throughout the process. Thanks to his more than 10 years of experience as Case Manager in Assisted Reproduction, he has been able to establish many relationships with clinics and professionals with experience in Surrogacy from all over the world that today provide all our patients what Global Surrogacy Ltd guarantees by contract: clinical and legal security.

Carlos Alberto Leiva Signes

Case Manager

Member of:

  • Reproductive Assisted Management Association
  • Spanish Fertility Society
  • American Society for Reproductive Medicine
  • European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
  • Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology
  • The National Infertility Association
  • Association of Reproductive Managers
  • Medical Tourism Association
Certified Medical Tourism Professional
American Society Reproductive Medicine
European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology
Association of Reproductive Managers


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