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GLOBAL SURROGACY LTD. is a Reproductive Medicine  company focused on the patient. We provide clinical and legal security throughout all stages of the process.

Our goal is to promote the International Standards for the Practice of Surrogacy, supporting research and professional development opportunities for all collaborating partners around the world.

Thanks to a unique combination of aptitude, ethics, expertise, legal engineering and years of international experience with a patient-oriented approach, Global Surrogacy Ltd. offers a high quality service in the market by delivering innovative, effective and affordable solutions for each one of our clients.

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We have brought parents to the world for more than 10 years.

“Personalized Professional Services” that go from the first to the last telephone call, when the parents have already returned to their country of origin with their baby.


Why 50% of european egg donation happens in spain?

Vincenzo Pavone from the Institute of Public Policies (IPP) of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), explains how Spain has become Europe’s leading destination for egg donation. Egg donation plays a significant part in reproductive medicine in Spain.  Donated eggs are now one of the most important IVF treatments in the country and it’s growing.…

Scientists Just Discovered a Brand New Part of Sperm That Could Explain Infertility

Sperm has been having a tough time lately. The concentration per ejaculate is getting lower, scientists have created an artificial version that could one day replace it, and to make matters worse, common household products might affect the quality of the little guys.

Georgia: Clinical safety and unbeatable medical experience

After 2 years of management and audits, Global Surrogacy Ltd is proud to have created in Georgia the best and safest Surrogacy protocol that can be offered in this country.

Carrying a child for someone else should be celebrated—and paid

The earliest known description of surrogacy is an ugly biblical story: in Genesis, the childless Sara sends her husband to bed with her maidservant, Hagar, and takes the child as her own.

Lesbian mums can’t register baby in Italy

Authorities in Turin, northern Italy, have refused to register the baby of a lesbian couple. Chiara Foglietta, a Turin councillor, underwent artificial insemination in Denmark and gave birth last Friday to baby boy Niccolo Pietro. Italian law sets strict rules for fertility treatment, making it available only to stable heterosexual couples. But Ms Foglietta has…

Moving Past The Stigma Of Surrogacy In Canada

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in the baby carriage — right? Not in 2017. Family is no longer defined as a married mother and father with children. Times have changed and, as a society, we have become more open to the diversity of how families are formed. We have seen…